martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

Prueba de Conexion IRDA - PC (pt. 3)

Bueno, todavía sin resultados. Probando con una Thinkpad, parece reconocer a la Newton (sale un cartelito en WinXp diciendo "Newton is in range", pero todavía no manda ni recibe).

Dejo un extracto de una conversación NewtonTalk (la cual ya no existe, pero la conseguí gracias al caché de Google),que cuenta masomenos lo que me pasó a mí:

"Objet : [NTLK] ThinkPad vs. MessagePad

i have been trying to dock the Newton to my ThinkPad.
i have asked about this before, but i recently discovered something new...

my hardware:
ThinkPad 390e, win NT 5.1 [aka XP professional]
standard ThinkPad IRDA port, National Semiconductor driver v1.0.0.0 03/2001.

under the advanced tab of the IR port properties, it appears i can select
two separate and variable IR protocols; one for channel a and one for
channel b. i can also select the maximum baud rate. now, i can select from
10 or 12 different protocols, and two of the choices are Sharp protocols. i
set it to "Sharp RY5HD01/KD01", and on the newt side, told 'Dock' to connect
via IRDA.
the newton will not establish a connection. however, the ThinkPad sure perks
up when the beam occurs. the beaming applet starts in the system tray, and
the rollover tooltip even states, verbatim, "Newton is in range.".
so i am led to wonder what exactly is telling the applet that it is talking
to a Newton device? i suspect it must be the newton announcing itself, but
what i don't know about IRDA protocols could fill a grain elevator.
can anyone provide a deeper understanding of this? there are many other
protocols available in the ThinkPad driver, ie S[low]IR, a few HP, Dell,
IBM, three Sharp, siemens.

another issue is port mapping. according to the tech articles, this is
impossible under win NT. back when i was running w98se, the IR port was
mapped to a virtual serial com 4, which i could select in NCU. but now i am
lacking this convenience. is there any way to get around this? i realize NCU
is going to be less than flexible, and it would seem windows is equally
obstinate. it would seem my hardware is compatible but operating systems are
ciao for now"

Todavía no probé a fondo con Mac OS 9, pero según lo que leí, si no tiene la Irda Tool Extensión, estás al horno

-scotty technoir "

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